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01 About

Tamley Capital
is an advisory and multi-strategy investment firm managing assets through its own funds and affiliated portfolio companies.

Tamley Capital
has a broad investment mandate which allows investments across all levels of the capital structure from debts to equity.

Tamley Capital
takes a value-oriented, long-term view to investing and seeks consistent returns with an emphasis on capital preservation.

02 Financial & Legal Advisory

Tamley Capital provides practical and creative advice to meet clients’ needs local, international tax and financial solutions. Our experienced team work with a wide array of clients in many different industries to develop sound and practical advice on a variety of matters. You can expect to receive innovative solutions to your specific business goals—in the most tax-efficient and financially reasonable manner. We will work closely with you to gain a clear understanding if your unique financial and legal concerns or objectives so that we can provide valuable and practical advice.
Creative and practical tax planning. We provide financial advisory, tax planning and problem-solving solutions for a wide variety of transaction and entities. In addition to advising corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and high-net-worth individuals, we have extensive experience with entities such as regulated investment companies, private equity funds, hedge funds and financial institutions.
Our professionals will help you understand such transactions as the following:
  • Taxable and nontaxable acquisitions and sales of businesses
  • Fund information
  • International operations
  • Company listing
  • Capital raises
  • Local and international taxation
  • Recapitalizations
  • Joint ventures
  • Taxable and nontaxable acquisitions and sales of businesses

03 Portfolio Investment

We have structured our portfolio in a way that it balances investment potential with an appropriate level of risk. Growing the value of our portfolio, keeping ahead of inflation and managing the ups and downs of stock markets involves blending a range of investments from different sectors and using different financial products.

A core part of our portfolio are shares, including those paying dividend income. We are also spreading risk by including bonds and other investments such as commercial and residential property.

04 Real Estate

Tamley Capital believes that the projected growth of the aging population in Europe will increase demand for health care related products and services. By developing luxury retirement communities, Tamley Capital aims not only to benefit from this increased demand but to give European seniors a superior living experience. We work closely with well-known experts in aged care and senior living industry to bring in the latest research and practises to our villages. We always welcome like-minded investors who has the same vision and understand the benefit from potential appreciation in the value of these properties.

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